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Financial Wholeness 2020

FREE 4-Week Session Starts March 14th! 

The Chayil School of Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive 8-week training program that aims to cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship and super-mega, kingdom mindsets in the business sphere. This training will help facilitate applicable systems and processes that will position every business owner for growth and success. It will provide them with intuitive and easy to apply tools to start a new business venture along with attainable and measurable goals that allow them to gage their success.


This course will educate and equip students to develop viable and sustainable business models, financial plans, funding and marketing strategies that will impact the marketplace.

Training Curriculum (3 Pillars of Focus):


Financial Literacy & Credit Repair


  1. Evaluate Where You Are

  2. How to Leverage Your Credit Reports

  3. Steps to Improving Your Credit Score

  4. How to Gain Funding for Your Business

  5. How to Apply for Funding + Capital


How to Start Your Business


  1. Self-Evaluation

  2. Define Your Products + Services

  3. How to Structure Your Business.

  4. Market/Industry Research

  5. Define Your Business Model

  6. Write Your Business Plan


Marketing Your Business


  1. Determine Goals + Objectives

  2. Develop Your Strategic Marketing Plan

  3. Branding & Segmentation Marketing

  4. Social Media

  5. Digital Content Marketing


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