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Who Are We

The Ekklesia Global Capital Campaign is an invitation to partner with us for the next three years to expand the vision as we endeavor to be a thriving, powerful, and multi-ethnic expression of the Kingdom of God manifesting in the earth!


In the coming months, you will be hearing stories as to how we as a gathering of warring worshippers moving in unity to infiltrate the world’s systems with the light, truth, and presence of the Lord Jesus Christ are working towards accomplishing this momentous goal. Each of us will be challenged to take even bolder steps to invest our whole life into becoming the church God is urging and encouraging us to become.


Again, we thank you for your support. Giving in the manner that you do does not simply happen – it is the result of faith, trust, intentional choices, and a life of discipline. We join you in the hope of creating a culture of generosity that touches every person in our church. Giving is where we find the true meaning and purpose for our lives, a discovery you had already made.



Apostle Randall & Pastor Autumn Furlow

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We are a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Please make your tax-deductible contribution via Zelle.

Checks can be made payable to Ekklesia Global Worship Assembly, Inc.

To give via a wire transfer, please contact

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Thanks for partnering with us! Your donation becomes a legacy.

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