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The Natsar School of the Prophets is a comprehensive, prophetic intensive that is meant to elevate its participants beyond a cursory level of understanding God's prophetics. More than an activation in the gifts of the Spirit, this training module incorporates high-level prayer,  spiritual academics, & incubation in the womb of God which are meant to produce potent prophetic operations on the earth. Investigating the origins and tracing the roots of  God's prophetic institution will render much of what we consider "prophetic" impotent and inept.  Learning God's mind and blueprint concerning this all-important ministry is paramount to cooperating with Him in His prophetic matters.


YEAR I Fall/Spring Semester

  • The Prophetic Realm

  • The True Call of a Prophet

  • The Prophet’s Agency Status

  • Prophetic Temperament & Attributes

  • Biblical Prophetics I


Year II Fall/Spring Semester

  • Prophetic Intelligence: Decoding Mysteries

  • Antiquity’s Prophetic Order

  • The Prophetic Continuum 

  • Prophetic Ministry vs. The Occult

  • The Prophetic & Miracles

  • Biblical Prophetics II


Year III

  • Prophetic Induction

  • Apprenticeship & Development

  • Case Studies

  • Prophetic Execution


The NATSAR School of the Prophets is geared towards bringing those who are called to professional prophetic operations to a place of maturity and functionality. While many prophetic schools center around prophecy, this school is intended for those whose purpose is to facilitate a higher order. The difference between a prophesier and a prophet is like the difference between a paralegal and a judge. A paralegal training course won’t ever make someone an attorney who can become a judge.  In the same way, a prophetic school that centers around prophecy won’t ever fully develop an Officer as a Prophet. If you sense the calling to the prophetic, this school is for you! 

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